South of Hell
IMO you would be a kind of villain Terry Pratchett would have fun writing

alas, i have never read Terry Pratchett. but i am going to take this as a compliment. and as i’ve heard good things about Mr. Pratchett, i’m going to say that i think i would like having him write me in all my villainous glory!

Original x

Original x

You would be part of an evil organization hellbent on world domination and you would specialize in explosives and destruction of the heroes super sensitive egos.

can this evil organization have a dormant volcano lair with satellite TV? and large showers? because i can get behind that shit.

also, yes. i will destroy their super sensitive egos! because i’m evil. on a side note, i’ve been working on my evil laughter. so i’m good there.

If I was a villain what kind of villain would I be?


pretty much every time im grumpy



Banyan Tree Hangzhou, China


Kick off your holiday weekend with this classic photo of BUB freezing time.


Kick off your holiday weekend with this classic photo of BUB freezing time.


One of the things that is really notable about Moscow and yet not many people outside Russia know about, is how gorgeous the Moscow metro is.

These photos? That’s what the metro stations look like.


They’re called the “People’s palaces of Moscow” or else “Underground palaces,” and they were built during the Soviet era on the Communist idea that art and beauty should belong to the people rather than only being available in the houses of nobles.

These photos show just some of the metro’s attractions. There are many more mosaics, statues, etc, placed throughout.

And the metro is always this clean.

In addition to being beautiful, it is incredibly functional. It gets you pretty much everywhere in Moscow, and the trains run at intervals of every three minutes or less. At peak times, they run every 90 seconds. You never have to worry about missing a train, because the next one will come almost immediately.

Not always of course. In the late evening or early morning hours, you may have to wait as long as five whole minutes for a train. They’re also super easy to navigate.

We Russians are pretty proud of our metro system.


BIG WOLVE HUG!! (by Sander van der Wel)


BIG WOLVE HUG!! (by Sander van der Wel)


Chris Evans with the cast of Captain America: The Winter Soldier ring the NYSE Opening Bell.